Thursday, September 10, 2009

My favorite summer salad

I love watermelon. A lot. And I'm a bit late to the whole "watermelon as part of a savory salad" thing. Last summer, I discovered it at Valanni in Philly. I had a salad with watermelon, feta, and...that's all I remember. (There's a picture of it on the website but I don't see it listed anywhere on the menu) But it was delicious, whatever was in it.

Anyway, I started making my own version with cubed tomato, watermelon, Parmesan, some balsamic vinegar (I like this one from DiBruno Bros. And yes, it moved with us) and salt and pepper. Delicious! This summer, I've been making it, but subbing in cucumber for tomato (nothing compares to a Jersey tomato, and LPR isn't a fan of tomato in salads) and sometimes adding in green onion and some lettuce. It's salty and sweet and creamy and oniony and so so so good. Like, make noises while you eat good. It would be even better with arugula though. Or some sort of pea sprout! Oooh that would be good! You should try that.

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