Thursday, August 27, 2009

A love letter

Dear Vons:

Your store brands are the bees knees. It was your phenomenal branding that first got my attention: your Lucerne products are so appealing to look at. I feel like I am purchasing some frou frou dairy product. And your organics! They look so much like Whole Paycheck's 365 brand, that my sister didn't know the organic frozen waffles I bought for her were anything but.

But what has captured my heart are your incredible yogurt flavors. Yes, yogurt. And light yogurt at that. Bartlett Pear Mangosteen. Passion Orange Pineapple. Let me say it again: Passion. Orange. Pineapple. I wanna give this yogurt a baby.

Yours truly,


  1. Since you brought up the topic of yogurt. I have a love for Edy's Yogurt Blend called Tart and Honey. It tastes like frozen yogurt yogurt! And it is delicious.

    Is Lucerne a west coast thing or can I find it out here? The flavors sound yummy.

  2. I think it may be west coast only, as it's Von's/Safeway store brand...