Monday, October 5, 2009

Cupcakes, untested.

it's almost halloween!!

I'd been slacking in the baking department due to the heat and our lack of AC. Now that it's cooled off, (and there was a request for spooky cupcakes from LPR's coworkers) I was excited to get back in the swing of things. For flavors, I decided to go with this recipe but I added a bit of cayenne, and am now calling them Mexican chocolate. I paired them with a cinnamon buttercream. No recipe, it's from a cookbook, and is your standard butter, powdered sugar, milk, vanilla situation. (With cinnamon added. Hence the cinnamon buttercream. Magic, I know) Spiderwebs for decoration.

I really wanted to find small spider candies but had no luck. If any of the 6 readers of this blog know where I might find them, lemme know.

Next up: golden vanilla cupcakes (recipe from a cookbook) with a layer of a bastardized version of salted caramel (I had no heavy cream, only skim milk. Tasted good, looked weird.) Basic buttercream on top. Mummies.

Before I tell you how they turned out, I should tell you that I have yet again re-joined Weight Watchers. I share this with all 6 of you because I didn't really test my cupcakes (I nibbled a tiny crumb and checked the cinnamon buttercream) but have no idea what the finished products taste like. That sounded sadder than expected. It's not. I lost 4 pounds last week. Oh yeah.

The verdict, it seemed was quite positive-LPR said he liked the vanilla one better, but both were yummy.

Next up is going to be pumpkin with the most amazing salted caramel cream cheese frosting I have ever tasted ever. Ever.