Monday, September 14, 2009

A taste of home

Confession: I'm not a HUGE cheesesteak fan. I mean, I eat them and I enjoy them, but I don't really crave them, I don't have strong opinions on what people put them on, and (gasp) I usually eat chicken cheesesteaks over beef. Oh, and I never order them like a Philly native. BUT I'm always excited about anything from Philly, so I couldn't wait to try out the South Philly Experience truck. (Follow them on Twitter)

So, yesterday after work, LPR and I headed to Melrose & Curson. The menu is limited, and from what I understand they're having trouble with the fryer so there are no fries. I got an American with (but I totally ordered it as "a cheesesteak with American cheese and onions, please") LPR got a Provolone with.

I really really wanted to love these. Like, love them the way LPR loves Steve's Prince of Steaks (I actually order beef instead of chicken there. They're melt in your mouth amazing)

Alas, South Philly Experience is no Steve's. But they're not bad. They use Amoroso rolls, which is delightful. LPR thought the bread didn't taste fresh, I disagree. My big beef (hahaha) is with the meat. It was way greasy and had a slightly "off" flavor. Not "rotten-off", LPR described it as tasting like a food-truck cheesesteak, which is not at all an insult.

Overall, it did the job. Since I've never been a regular cheesesteak eater, I can't say when I'll return. Perhaps when I get another bout of homesick-ness. Especially because they have Tastycakes!! (and I was so excited to order that I forgot to ask if they had soft pretzels. Looking at the online menu, it would appear that they don't)

Perhaps they'll add a chicken cheesesteak?

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